About Hadageto

Hadageto is a white label cloud-based service for the secure and controlled sharing of documents, brought to you by a team of industry experts. It has been developed specifically to solve the document handling challenges faced by SMEs and their clients.

Digitisation, document management security and simplicity and data privacy are subjects we at Hadageto know, and care, a lot about.

The Hadageto platform has no complex set up requirements and using #hashtags against documents eliminates the constraints of traditional filing structures.


Simon Ellis – Simon is a document management entrepreneur. His vision is provide simple document management and secure sharing to anyone who wants to be organised. He enjoys walking in the wonderful Peak District and has a plan to visit at least 50 of the 200+ vineyards in the UK over then next ten years.

Marcus Holmes – Marcus is known as the "Gentleman Technologist", and is an expert in applying advanced web technology to real business problems. His vocation is building software products for businesses around the world. He currently lives in Berlin speaking terrible German and drinking excellent beer.

Mark Snow – Mark is a retired attorney who has been a founder of 6 businesses in the insurance and technology fields. When asked to describe exactly what he does, he goes on too long and confuses everyone. His wife has given up trying to tell her friends and acquaintances what her husband does. She now tells then that he is a spy.