Partner Benefits

Maximize Your Profits
Adding a value to your client network with no capital or support overheads allows you control of your margins with a recurring and growing subscription-based business
Increase traffic to your website
Clients using the service log in via your website
Value service
Enhances client dependency on your services
Your corporate identity
Apply your corporate identity and sell the solution under your own name, while keeping your core business in focus
Multiple hosting options
Commercial cloud provider
Self-hosted via on-prem or private cloud
Shared hosting on Hadageto's managed AWS servers
Regional servers providing fast global access to documents
Financial Services grade data encryption
Protects document access
Ensures document integrity
User driven Hosting jurisdiction
Partners with multi location clients can allow each client to select their own hosting location
Partner decides core location
Users in different jurisdictions can select appropriate locations to meet their own legal document needs
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Benefits your clients will love

One place for all their important documents
Everything organised in one place
Finding documents is easy using #hashtags
Never waste time searching through email accounts for that vital document when you need it
Easy, secure, sharing with family and advisors
Share by inviting them to the account, or by sending a specific document link
Always clear which documents are shared with whom
Sharing can be revoked at any time
Notifications if/when the sharee opens the document
Safeguard the family
Share critical documents with emergency contacts
Everyone knows where to look for information
No danger of losing important documents to fire, flood or theft
Create a Family Archive of notable family documents, photos, etc
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